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“Speak the International Language”

English is sometimes described as a world “lingua Franca”. Over 370 million people speak English as their first language while between 200 million and 1.3 billion use English to communicate every day. English is one of the world's most in-demand commodities. It is the international language of our generation. It is the language of law, commerce, science, computing, politics, aviation, medicine and tourism. Over half of the world’s business deals are conducted in English. Two thirds of all scientific papers are written in English. Eighty percent of the world's internet and email is in English.

  • Are you a beginner? If you allow yourself time, you will be able to progress through our school levels and achieve English language fluency.
  • Too shy to start a conversation? Not for long! You’ll learn exactly how to do it with our interactive and enjoyable methods to get you talking in no time. You’ll be amazed to find yourself expressing opinions, disagreeing, debating, arguing – and having heaps of fun at the same time.
  • Need to refresh? Experience our creative, active language classes and notice how you continuously improve.

Why not take advantage of our “Total Linguistic Immersion” weekends. These are held in an auberge in a small village in Cantabria. They are designed so that students are within an English language environment for two whole days. They are encouraged to develop and put into practice all their langauge skills and knowledge in an informal yet practical way. Each of the three weekends that take place during the school year is themed and a detailed programme is available on request.

For students who want to combine language learning with cultural experience we offer English courses in the UK. Ask us for more details or apply for a brochure.