Welcome to Language Center Meridian

Our international team is committed to providing you with the best training available. All our teachers are qualified and from a variety of backgrounds. Teachers are always looking for programmes and material that meet specific needs of students and help them become fluent in their chosen language.

Our Young Learners coordinator is Soraya Sanz de Frutos who, after travelling extensively and spending more than eight years living, working and perfecting her English in London, decided to become an English teacher and settle in Spain. She has experience at every level, has prepared many students for Cambridge Assessment English exams but has a special talent when it some to students under nine. She is also an invigilator for Cambridge English written exams.

   Ross Bainbridge is not only a qualified French and Spanish teacher but also a highly experienced TEFL teacher too. He has lived and worked in Spain for more than a decade and hundreds of students are lucky enough to have been taught and prepared for official exams by him. His list of passes is for now, unbeatable! At Meridian he is responsible for the coordinating of main suite exams as well as providing teacher training sessions. He recently became a Cambridge University speaking examining.

 Celta qualified Emily Folliot Vaughan also has a degree in 

    Christopher Kelly is an

Oliver Demeger has a First class honours degree in Economics, Politics and Philosophy from Oxford University.