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With these tips to create your study plan, learning English will be very easy


  •         Evaluate your English level to set a goal
  •        Plan your study time to achieve your goals.
  •       Practice the language daily, including it in your activities

New Year, new purposes! ... or not so new? Surely you have already started preparing your list of purposes and you know that mastering English is a recurring point on that list, but how are you going to achieve this in practice this 2018? How are you going to make sure that your goal with English is not lost along the way along with your fitness routine? You need a plan


"I'll be fluent in English this year" sounds

great, and it sure motivates you the simple fact of thinking about it, but does not it seem a bit vague and unreal? The end of 2018 is too far away and, if you do not make intermediate milestones throughout the year, easily events of your daily life will stand in your way and your purpose with English will remain a dream. How far do you want to go before the summer? And in 3 months? And at the end of the first week?

If you stay at that rate of progress, even a total

beginner could reach an advanced level by the end of the year. Set measurable and achievable goals for each quarter and mark them in an annual calendar, which you should have in a place that is always visible.